Patrice Charbonneau Secousses et délimitations

17 mars au 30 avril 2016 | march 17 – april 30, 2016

“BEAUX-ARTS DES AMÉRIQUES is proud to present a new exhibition of the mixed media paintings and drawings of PATRICE CHARBONNEAU entitled Secousses et délimitations (Upheavals & Boundaries).

Space is the dominant theme of Charbonneau’s work. The artist begins by creating an architecture of lines and planes, which describe imaginary interior and exterior locations into which he inserts a narrative of meaningful dramatic events. The story unfolds as perceived movements and displacements from the interior to toward the exterior, from a particular object to an ambiguous space, from close up and into the distance, from the immediate to the uncertain.”

Patrice Charbonneau’s work has been presented in exhibitions and collections in Canada and in the United States. His work has been the subject of critical texts in various publications.